Miami Carpet Cleaning Reviews

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Michael was very professional and did an outstanding job. He was able to remove all stains/odors. Highly recommended.

I am a realtor in Miami Beach and my client needed his carpeting professionally cleaned so I recommended he use Mike. Needless to say, I was very impressed… His condo looks brand-new and ready to put back on the market.

Mike does the best job in town and I highly recommend him if you need your carpets professionally cleaned! Everything looks immaculate!! Great job and thanks again!!

Michael from Miami Carpet Cleaning is by far the best carpet cleaner in Miami. I have a rental unit on Ocean Dr that requires constant service. Michael performs an incredible cleaning and service. I would highly recommend his service!!!

Mike was very professional and gave me a very good price. We got ripped off by another carpet cleaner company previously a couple months ago….when they showed up to do the job, they tried to get more money out of me and I didn’t like that too much! When they were finished doing what i asked for, they still tried to get more money and I told them to leave. I will for sure use Miami Carpet Cleaning again. Mike communicated with me as far as the amount of dirt in my carpets which even Stanley Steamer never did years ago for us. (rip-off). GREAT JOB MIKE! I will pass your business cards on and on. We are very happy with your services.

Got the name of the company on the web, filled out their form, and was emailed back promptly requesting further details and with a quote, and when they understood I was in a condo, requested fax number for condo to ensure the condo association had his company’s insurance form etc, before I had to ask for it, which was very impressive. Michael notified me when he was driving to the condo, arrived on time, (actually 5 mins early)- did a great job on the carpets, gave me great tips to treat spills to stop them becoming permanent stains, tips on how to treat the outside deck, (they also do power washing). He’s very professional. I asked for his business cards to put in the lobby, so you know I have no hesitation in recommending his business.

I must say this is the first time I have ever had my carpets professionally cleaned. As I shopped around Miami for the best carpet cleaning in Miami, I encountered many carpet companies. However, I was skeptical. Some prices were outrageous, some were cheap, some companies didn’t understand English, some companies did not have insurance and liability insurance, it was a mess. Since I live in a condo with a very strict association, I have strict association guidelines to follow. In order for a cleaning company to come out, they need to have insurance, liability, and name the condo association as a certificate holder. More than half of the companies I contacted, had no idea what I was talking about and did not want to provide the documents requested by the association. I was losing hope and thought my carpets were never going to get cleaned. I then came across Miami Carpet Cleaning. As I spoke with Michael (the owner), I was jumping for joy inside (he doesn’t know that). I knew from the moment he answered the phone that I had found my carpet cleaning company. I proceeded to tell him I lived in an association, and he replied I need your associations fax number to send them liability and insurance, list them as a certificate holder and I need you to request your service elevator. I was ASTONISHED!!! that I was speaking with someone that actually knew what he was talking about. The years Michael has been in the business speak for themselves. The job was amazing. I have a mini poodle and she tends to pee in the living room and despite all the cleaning I did, there was a lot of yellow areas. After Michael was done with the carpets all yellow areas were removed. He applied a yellow stain remover, which works! The apartment smells so fresh and clean. The carpets look like they were recently placed. I love the outcome so much that my dog now wears diapers to prevent any future accidents. I would strongly recommend this company. They are reliable, professional, and have excellent customer service. There are no hidden fees. I paid $20 for the yellow stain remover and $20 for the Microban (removing bacteria), which are additional but I would recommend it. Michael even had an brief education session about the do’s and don’t and went over frequently asked questions. It was an excellent experience, and I will definitely be using them again in the near future. Do not waste your time, look no further. Call them now, schedule an appointment. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for your great customer service and great quality of cleaning ! I wish I knew about you earlier. You will for sure be the only one that ever cleans our carpets!! I have your cards in my purse and will let anyone I know how great you are.

This is a special company where the owner cares about his work. A rare find indeed in the Miami area. MCC hasn’t raised their prices in the 5 years I’ve used them but still does the most thorough cleaning I have ever experienced. No hidden costs, they show up on time and the attention to detail is unequaled. They are bonded and use the best equipment in the business. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed. David

They are super professional, prices are very reasonable and exactly what they say up front. I would highly recommend their company to anyone looking for residential or commercial carpet cleaning services.

Michael and the Miami Carpet Cleaning team did a fantastic job on our project!

Miami Carpet cleaning did an amazing Job… I’m very satisfied with their service, I called and had them out here the next day, They didn’t mind I live in homestead at all , The man who answered the phone was very sweet and explain to me what I should get done concerning the stains I had on my rugs, once they arrived I saw I needed to clean another room the gentleman who was at my home said no problem gave me a great deal and got it done.. Great price too !!! couldn’t complain saved money and got excellent service with a friendly and caring company, would recommend to anyone…

Esta es una excelente compania, yo siempre limpio las alfombras de mi negocio con ellos durante 4 anos. Me gustan los equipos que ellos usan y su buen trabajo., son muy profesionales.

You are the best cleaning Carpets.

Great job cleaning my carpets at my apartment when I moved out of Flamingo South Beach. The carpets they put in the apartment are very cheap and stain easily. The stains came out beautifully. The service technician, Omar, was very friendly and professional.

It’s very rare to truly find real and professional carpet cleaning company here in So. Florida. I was very impressed on the ease of making the last minute appointment. The representative arrived on-time, and finally, a very thorough clean and impeccable job. My carpet looked brand new, again, like when it was first installed, 5 years back. I would definitely be recommending this company to all my friends. Best of luck on your continued company growth and success. Cheers!

I’m a realtor. I use Miami Carpet Cleaning’s service for all my client’s properties. They have excellent service and GOOD prices! Hendrina Callejas, Realtor

I have been using their service going on 3 years now and their attention to customer satisfaction is impeccable. they do a great job the first time every time.

We live in Broward, had to get the carpets steamed at Miami where our kids used to live. I got in touch with Mike with info from the internet. I was not referred by anyone. He was very nice, professional and very helpful. I had to change the appointment a few times and I should say that Mike was never upset at all, instead worked a way with me. There was no one in the apt and we left the key and informed the location and he picked it up, did a marvelous job on the steaming and cleaning. Called me when they arrived there, inspected and stated what stains might go and what may not, but they would still give it their best try. I heard from my son and the apt management lady that they had done a wonderful job.

Highly Recommended! Great Professional and friendly service!

The best service in carpet cleaning. The rotovac really works and takes out any type of stains in the carpet. After they finish your home will smell like a new home, because the chemicals that they use has a citric smell but it isn’t strong like the ones that other companies use. I would recommend it to anyone that has carpet. Thanks mike

Miami Carpet Cleaning did an excellent job!! They arrived on time and even called before to notify you of their ETA. The quality of work was superb and they left my carpets brand new again. I have two young children and as you can imagine the carpets take a beating. The RotoVac Powerwand they used to clean my carpets left it cleaner than any other steam cleaning company I have used before. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to for a top quality steam cleaning company with state of the art equipment.

Ours was a very positive and professional experience, which is surprising for south Florida. Everything from the initial contact all the way through completion was handled conscientiously. They called before they came, right when they said they would. They arrived right when they said they would. Michael explained everything he was going to do and pointed out areas where there MIGHT be issues.

The cleaning was completed in a very reasonable amount of time, and we were extremely pleased with the results. The carpets are now completely dry and they are much cleaner than we had hoped. The chemicals they used are apparently organic and had a very pleasant smell, which was nice since the smell is normally extremely strong. Michael was very conscientious throughout the experience, including a very professional cleanup. We were very pleased with our experience and the result and we have recommended Miami Carpet Cleaning to our building reception as well… Thanks so much!

Mike/Michael called ahead to reconfirm the appointment, showed up on time (not usual for Miami) and did a good job of cleaning the carpet. very professional and courteous. will use again and recommend to anyone.

The cleaning service was excellent 5 stars. Mike was friendly, knowledgeable and punctual.

He did a wonderful job, and I would certainly use this service again.

Michael came to our house today.
What a nice professional man.
he did a great job. he even called when he started out this morning. Will definitely call you again and recommend you to my friends. Diane in Aventura.

Very punctual company. They totally adhered to the estimate. The quality of the carpet cleaning the company offers is excellent!!! Even on very soiled areas like my carpet had. I totally recommend them!!!

Very reliable, came and finished promptly my floor looks ]good as new even though i had traffic and slight urine stains it all came off practically.

I was contemplating replacing my 10 year old carpets. Then I came across Miami Carpet cleaners on Craigslist. Had them come up to my condo and checkout my white bedroom carpets and see what they can do. Although a little late, they cleaned a section and i was impressed. They do not use the standard wand type, they have a special rotating brush that scrubs the carpet. The carpet came out nice, however the high traffic area is not perfect, but fair for 10 year old white berber.

I was extremely satisfied with the service that I received from Miami Carpet Cleaning. I will surely use their service again. Thank you so much… I highly, highly recommend them. Thank you guys!!!

They are very good, very professional and punctual. They have a very good price and left my carpet super clean in an hour. I called one day before a little bit late already to change my scheduled time and they promptly changed my appointment for the time I desired. They are very kind and patient. I definitely will recommend them for friends and family.

I called this company on Saturday morning. They were able to come that afternoon and did a great job. They were fast and the price was great. Michael did the job and he was very nice, informative and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Carpets are not the best thing to have when you have 3 children. I was actually even considering in changing my carpets to floors, I had stains that I never thought would come out. However before I did that I contact Miami Carpet Cleaning. They gave me a great quote! I said what the heck lets try this before making a big investment. They came out to my home, they were very professional, they brought to my attention stains they thought may not come out. I told the gentlemen I understood. When the job was done, I was amazed and impressed. My Carpets looked new!!! Just like when I purchased my home. I would not switch them for the world. They are great!!! Thanks to them, I didn’t remove my carpets.
Thanks for a JOB well done!!!!! I rate the a 5!!
Barb, Miami Lakes, FL

I live in kings colony in kendall and was having a hard time finding a very reputable carpet cleaning company that had affordable prices. When I found them online, I gave them a call and set up an appointment. From there on, just talking to the owner over the phone showed how professional this company is. Since this was an emergency appointment because everyone in the household was getting sick due to allergens in the carpets, he came to my apartment half hour early because he understood our current dilemma. By the time he was done, the carpets in the apartment looked like new again and I fell in love with the pattern that the machine left in them. When it was all said and done, everyone in the household was no longer sick was loving the new look of the carpets. I can’t thank them enough for such an amazing job that he did for us. Thank you so much Michael, we be calling you again soon!

Miami Carpet Cleaning did a great job. Very thorough and took the time to make sure the stains came out. I’ve used them several times and it’s amazing how much dirt they get out of my carpets! The price is well worth it, given the quality and results I’ve seen. Thank you!

Miami Carpet Cleaning did a very good job. Michael replied to my call even during the Labor day Holiday !Jimmy arrived on time for the job, really prepared to do a fast and good job.

Great Service, my carpet looks like new after they cleaned it. When they left it was almost completely dry and smelling clean. The tech and the owner very nice guys.

was very happy with the end result. i was amazed with the amount of dirt they got out of my carpets but not surprised as i have 2 dogs. Michael was very thorough and did an exceptionally good job. i have used this company several times and have nothing but good things to say about them. i would recommend them to anyone and everyone who wants a precise and particular job done. thanks again and i will be calling you again in 4-6 weeks.


He cleaned my carpet last Wednesday I was out of country for a year and before that I when I left everything was messed up thanks to him my carpets are cleaner than it has ever been and also he was very friendly and polite I really recommend Miami Carpet Cleaning.

Great work at a great price. They were on time very courteous and took pride in their work. In these times good value is hard to come by, I just came across a great one. This company made my carpets look new and having 3 kids and a dog that was quite an accomplishment. I highly recommend miami carpet cleaning.

Miami Carpet Cleaning did a great job for me again this year! They are reliable, offer good prices and do an excellent job cleaning carpets. They take their time and do a thorough job on heavy traffic spots and other areas needing special attention. The carpet now looks nice and smells fresh! They are the only company I use when I need this type of service. Give them a call, you won’t be sorry.

Great job. Micheal was right on time, didn’t want to sell me anything I didn’t need, and gave me a great price. Easy to work with and will definitely call again. Thanks Mike!

I am extremely satisfied with the services Miami Carpet Cleaning provided me from beginning to end. Michael was timely, professional and very knowledgeable about his business. My carpet looks great; no complaints. The process was quick and Michael thoroughly informed me about the steps I must take to maintain the carpets. He even cleaned the grout in my kitchen, which was a nice gesture. All in all, I would highly recommend this company, as the rates are lower than most.

Michael was awesome! He was prompt, professional and very informative. His prices were incredible and there were NO hidden costs! I already referred several people to him and he cleaned my carpets today. If you are looking for a person with integrity to clean your carpets you should definitely welcome this gentleman into your home. My home looks wonderful and he was an absolute delight. If there were more stars to rate him I would use them all!

20750NW 7 AVE #101
MIAMI, FL 33169

5 stars hands down!

Michael was very professional, personable, arrived ahead of schedule and the best word to describe the job was THOROUGH. I was positive our carpet needed to be replaced due to the years of pet stains and A/C leak that flooded the hallway and was already giving off that mildew stench. When all was said and done, carpet looked amazing, smell was gone, didn’t have to replace the carpets and I 100% intend on using Michael again. If you live in an apartment, don’t get suckered into the $75 surcharge most of the major companies charge to use a portable machine along with the other hidden fees – I paid exactly what’s listed on his site and couldn’t be happier with the work.


3 thoughts on “Miami Carpet Cleaning Reviews

  1. Miami Carpet Cleaning is an excellent Company.
    I have been using it for many many years.
    Michael is very professional, helps me moving the furniture, puts it back in its place and leaves the place in perfect conditions.
    Thank you for your good job.

  2. Excelent job at doral offices,all stains are gone high trafic areas cleaned on time and quick.
    I recommend

  3. Of course, like most, I was skeptical when someone recommended Mike of Miami Carpet Cleaning. After all, anyone with a rental machine can sell their services as a carpet cleaner. I live on the 16th floor in Coral Gables so there was no way to use a strong truck-mounted unit. Mike showed up on time with a space-age unit costing over $8,000, and the result was extraordinary! The carpet looked better than it looked when I moved in over a year ago! Mike is now permanently saved in my iPhone for anyone who asks me about carpet cleaning. Thanks again!

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